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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

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The Micro-EH Series controllers are the new modular compact PLC which perform maximum power at minimum size.   Various modules for flexible extension offer the possibility of fine-tuning the Micro-EH PLC to the required level of automation.

The Micro PLC is big on features, from up to 28 I/O(expandable to 84 I/O) points to fast cycle times, robust instruction set, and generous memory to allow more flexible programming. And it's all packaged in a sturdy modular design for easy access and long-term durability.

° 10 to 140 I/O
° Analogue data processing
° Starting at 0.9 us / basic command
° Expandable
° IEC 61131-3 programming
° PWM and pulse train output
° Interrupt inputs
° 32 bit-RISC-processor
° High-speed counter input
° Real-time clock


EH-150 EH150

The EH-150 Series is considered a true power pack. At the heart of this PLC is a 32 bit microprocessor, which enables the user to individually adapt the CPU and various I/O modules to a specific application. Various extensions allow the system to be expanded to 1024 I/Os. As part of a network, the extension potential is virtually limitless. Outstanding CPU performance features include: integrated PID-commands, floating point arithmetic, two serial interfaces as standard, one of which can be used as software-modem-interface. Flexibility and modularity of the EH-150 Series are enhanced by extensive network abilities, especially with regards open fieldbus systems. No matter whether food packaging machines need to be automated or high-speed controls of a production line: The Hitachi EH-150 Series PLC is "open" for any type of application.

° Two communication ports are provided as standard in the small-sized CPU.
° A memory board that can read and write programs can be loaded in the CPU. (EH-CPU316A, 516, 548)
° The compact and stylish EH-150 meets various automation requirements.
° The modem connection capability incorporated as a standard feature allows for 38.4kbps high-speed communication. (EH-CPU208A, 316A, 516, 548)
° The state-of-art technologies and functions realize high-speed processing of complicated control.
° Compatibility with H series PLC utilizes valuable existing user programs.
° The EH-150 is easy to maintain even after installed in a machine.



The EHV CPU is compatible with a variety of open networks and through use of the onboard Ethernet interface maybe linked to higher-level information processing systems as well as other PLC systems. In the area of automation, the necessity of networking and communication is becoming ever more significant alongside the increasing demand for smaller and faster systems. The newly developed EHV Series meets these requirements through its small footprint, the communication interfaces which are provided as standard and its enormous memory capacity.

Thus the EHV CPU can be deployed in large-scale high-speed applications and corresponding network links also without the need for further communication modules. In this way tasks such as process control and data transfer can be implemented in a highly cost-effective manner.

° Integrated seven segment display
° Processing speed of 20 ns/binary instructions sets a new standard in this class
° Enormous memory capacity (program capacity up to 768 Kbyte)
° Extended and improved command structure
° Communication interfaces (Ethernet, USB2.0, Serial interface)


Web Controller Web Controller

Existing or new equipment used in a factory or a building can now be connected to a LAN network quickly and affordably and can then be accessed remotely by use of a VPN or similar secure remote access protocal.

The Web controller is an all-in-one controller with the power, CPU, input/output, web server, SMTP Protocal and communication interface module, reducing space and time required for installation. The Web controller has been designed to operate in industrial environments and is therefore equipped to cope with continuous 24 hour operation and monitoring without nuisance reliability issues commonly faced with Personal Computers, such as locking up.

The Web controller is both a PLC and a Web Server, the PLC functionality with built in input/outputs allows normal PLC operation such as controlling, processing, monitoring and data storing of the machine it is connected to. The Web server function allows html pages to be stored in the unit which can display any value within the PLC itself and then by using a standard PC browser an operator or manager can monitor or interact with their equipment from any location around the world.

° Embedded Web server
° E-mail sending function
° ASR message communication
° Self created Web pages can be displayed
° Configuration via Web browser
° PLC functionality
° Various serial communication possibilities
° IEC 61131-3 programming
° 32 bit-RISC-processor
° Available in 10 and 23 I/O units


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