Lighthouse PLCs, Inc. Lighthouse PLCs, Inc.
Sole authorized distributor for Hitachi PLCs in North America

Hitachi America Ltd. has put gained trust in Lighthouse PLCs Inc. to represent their PLC and other products to North America now for over a decade.   While Lighthouse PLCs, Inc. is not owned by Hitachi, we hold ourselves to the same standards in ethics, integrity, philosophies, and  social responsibility as the Hitachi brand represents. As Hitachi prides itself on producing the world’s finest electric and electronic devices, not just any company is allowed the privilege of “wearing the Hitachi badge”.  A distributor of a product bearing the Hitachi label should feel obliged to provide service to a degree equal to that of the product.  Accordingly, Lighthouse PLCs, Inc. strives to provide the highest level of service – from being prompt and courteous, to proper packaging, speedy shipping and accurate billing.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs/Inverters)

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